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Rockett the Rescue Kitten

Follow the journey of an abandoned and courageous

young kitten on a search to find his forever home!



Rockett The Rescue Kitten is a terrific book! Rockett’s story is heartwarming and the adorable illustrations really pull the reader right into the pages. It is a book that will appeal to all ages, from the youngest member of your family right on through to the seniors.  

Elizabeth Gorman

This sweet little book is pure delight! It’s lovingly told and highlighted by gorgeous watercolors in the tradition of so many favorite childhood classics. You’ll fall in love with Rockett and be helping so many others who are waiting for their forever homes.

Cheryl Crowder

This book is a beautiful journey through the eyes of a foster kitten. Author Jody Eaton delights the reader as Rockett travels on an adventure hoping to land a forever home. Adults and children alike feel the magic come alive through animal and human connections...

Leslie Davis

In The Press


Hi there! My name is Rockett—Rockett the Rescue Kitten! I was abandoned at a young age, lost and without a home. At first, my food was a cracker and a box my home. Then Cat House on the Kings rescued me! They placed me in foster care, and I was soon to be adopted, soon to be placed in a forever home!

Follow my journey from a feisty young kitten, orphaned and alone, to a mischievous rascal with a forever home! Follow my antics and my story, and never forget—I am Rockett with two T's, because I am exTra special, you see!



For any inquiries, please contact Jody Eaton at:

Telephone: 559-281-5297 |

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